This list represents some highlights, totalling about 10% of the buy/sell/hold stock rating I’ve created for the entire Toronto Real Estate Board’s Georgina Market; which includes Keswick North, Keswick South, Sutton & Jackson’s Point, Belhaven, Baldwin, Historic Lakeshore Communities, and Pefferlaw. I have the lists created by both location & asset type. If you’d like the full list, contact me:

Buy, sell, hold, ratings for Georgina Real Estate. What properties to buy, invest in, sell, and hold within the Georgina Real Estate Market

Asset Type Stock Rating
3 bedroom/1 washroom ‘converted cottage’ bungalows Strong Sell
4BEDROOM/2WASHROOM homes west of the Queensway Hold
4BEDROOM/2+WASHROOM homes in subdivisions Sell
5+BEDROOM or 3+WASHROOM homes Hold
Mansions, estates, or niche-market homes Hold
C2 zoned Lands or parcels Hold
Multi-Family investment Properties (triplex, fourplex +) Strong Buy
Residential properties which could qualify for the Georgina accessory suite rental application Strong Buy
Poor quality 2 or 3 bedroom homes for the purpose of reaching rental inventory Strong Buy
Location Stock Rating
Waterfront Properties Strong Buy
Agricultural Properties Buy
Acreage Buy
High Street Sutton

>> C2 zoned properties on High St. Sutton with current use as residential

Strong Buy

Strong Buy

Simcoe Landing Hold
West of the Queensway in Keswick (properties older than 1970) Strong Sell
West of the Queensway in Keswick (properties newer than 1970) Hold
Properties within Fairwood School District Hold

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